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1:RIG-038 3-axis Automotive Suspension Rubber Bushing/Silent Block Bushes Durability Testing System for Suspension Control Arm for GM.FORD.




Item No.Parameters of RIG-T038 Hydraulic Power 3 Axis Bushing Durability Test Machine
Axial LoadAxial Load0~±20KN  0~20Hz ±25mm(Adjustable)
Radial Load0~±20KN  0~20Hz ±25mm (Adjustable)
Torsion/Rotary of Conical0~±45°0~15Hz(Adjustable)

Remark:This machine is capable of two types of loading methods:

First:Axial+Radial+Torsion Second:Axial+Radial+Conical


2: Customer’s Testing Specifications Technical Parameter 


Oscillation (X.Z)0~±45°0~15Hz
Horizontal Load0~±22KN  0~10Hz  ±25mm
Vertical Load0~±20KN 0~20Hz ±25mm
Loading Displacement Accuracy(X.Z)0.1 mm
Loading Accuracy±5‰
Max.Loading Velocity(X.Z)±15mm@3Hz
Rotation Angle0~±50°
Rotation Frequency0~10Hz
Max.Rotation Velocity±20°@5Hz


Customer’s (control arm supplier for GM,FORD,ZF.TRW)testing cases presentation:

1.1 Installing Fixing the specimen on the fixture:



1.2 Testing results:Durability testing judgement standard:

After 1 million times cycle loading,the cracking of rubber bushing is less than 3mm. As following showing,3 specimens all no any cracking after durability testing.