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RIG-T037 Automotive Suspension Shock Absorber/Damper Durability Testing System for SHOWA Corporation.



1:RIG-T036 Automotive shock absorber high-performance fatigue test bench is based on SHOWA Cooperation Shock Absorber fatigue testing machine specifications and 《Automobile shock absorber technical conditions and test methods》and other related standards, designed by Chengdu RIG Science &Technology Co., Ltd.

The test machine using proven electric eccentric wheel structure.

Achieving single or two shock absorber fatigue test simultaneously.

2;Testing standards from SHOWA cases presentation:

AC Conversion frequency motor is Germany SIMENSE brand, with energy conservation, high efficiency, smoothly operation, low noise, power rate 30 kW, can cover 0-10 Hz test frequency requirements.

①50mm(±25)   1.57m/s   5KN

②100mm(±50)  1.0m/s    12KN

③100mm(±50)  1.5m/s    7KN

④100mm(±50)  2m/s

⑤175mm(±87.5)          7KN


3: Control System

  1. The English interface optional, easy to operation
  2. The amplitude of the oscillation, frequency can be adjusted in the range of technical parameters of the machine, but the combination of  amplitude and frequency can not exceed the limited speed capability of the equipment (unloaded 2m/s, loading 1.7m/s)
  3. The driving mechanism and speed feedback, precise control of speed (i.e. frequency)
  4. The vibration frequency, the temperature control range and other parameters can be set, display
  5. The specimens of damping force, lateral force, temperature, test number are important parameters to display on the screen.
  6. The system has a power-off protection function, unexpected power will not cause loss of the test data, check the power on again
  7. The equipment can start without exception and continue the unfinished test before the power break.
  8. The device has automatic stop function of abnormal situations, such as the temperature gauge